WHO Chief – The Tedros File

The Tedros File – Will the Head of the WHO Become the Most Powerful Man in the World?

The “Tedros Files” relentlessly uncovers the criminal past of the acting WHO Director General and exposes him as a terrorist and serious criminal! Largely unno-ticed by the public, Tedros is now plotting his rise to be-come the most powerful man in the world through new, international treaties. Help stop his insidiously engi-neered international health dictatorship! 

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus Tedros should never have been elected Director General of WHO! He should have been charged with crimes against the Ethiopian people! The violent terror group TPLF became a booster for Tedros! Government troops burn entire villages, commit public executions, rape women and girls. He accused him of genocide in Ethiopia because Tedros was one of three key decision-makers for “ethnic cleansing.” Can we allow this disreputable man to have such powers? Could the Corona crisis, with all its restrictions on freedom, be repeated in an even more intensified form?

Today, takes a closer look at the man whose powers are to be expanded enormously, and who will then be enabled to very easily declare new pandemics worldwide. We are talking about Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, the current Secretary-General of the World Health Organization (WHO). He is the first African to hold this post and also the first WHO head who is no doctor.

He rose to the top of the U.S. Time magazine’s list of the 100 most influential people in 2020. How did this spectacular rise come about for Tedros, who was born in 1965 in Asmara, which is now known as Eritrea, and was elected WHO Director-General in May 2017? The following 5-part Tedros file brings to light shocking facts that have so far remained largely hidden from the general public:

File 1: The rise to be head of WHO Tedros studied at the University of Asmara and received a Bachelor of Science degree in biology in 1986. He then joined the Ethiopian Ministry of Health as a Junior Public Health Expert. In 1992, he obtained a Master of Science in Immunology of Infectious Diseases at the University of London. According to Wikipedia, Tedros joined the communist Tigrayan People’s Liberation Front – TPLF for short – as early as 1991, which, together with other Ethiopian liberation organizations overthrew dictator Mengistu Haile Mariam in 1991 after a protracted armed conflict.

Subsequently, the TPLF ruled until 2018. As a member of the TPLF party, Tedros rose step by step and was appointed to the following high-ranking offices:

2001: Head of the Tigray Regional Health Office
2003: Deputy Ethiopian Minister of Health
2005 – 2012: Minister of Health of Ethiopia
2012 – 2016: Foreign Minister of Ethiopia
2017: Elected as WHO Secretary-General

What is mind-blowing is that the TPLF is a violent organization with a communist agenda. Since 1976, the TPLF has been listed as a terrorist organization in the Global Terrorism Database because it has been involved in kidnappings on many occasions.

The TPLF has committed the most serious human rights violations during its nearly 30 years in power. As a high-ranking member of the politburo and long-time minister of the TPLF, Tedros must be held partly responsible for these crimes! Even after his election as WHO Director-General in 2017, his old connections to the violence-prone TPLF still seem to be functioning perfectly. Ethiopian Chief of General Staff Birhanu Jula Gelalcha publicly accused Tedros on November 19, 2020 of supporting the terrorist group by trying to procure weapons for the TPLF. Conclusion: The violent terror group TPLF became a booster for Tedros! This casts a dark shadow on his rise!

File 2: Most serious crimes against human rights!
The following excerpts from official annual reports of the human rights organizations, Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch (HRW) from 2005 – 2016 document unimaginable atrocities committed by the Ethiopian government under Tedros:

2006: arrest of 76 opposition politicians and journalists. Numerous tortures and detentions – even of school children – by government authorities.
2007: Government troops burn entire villages, commit public executions, rape women and girls, arbitrarily arrest suspects, and in many cases torture and kill them. Thousands are forced to flee their homes. Female genital mutilation is widespread.
2008: Government forces carry out mass arrests, torture, rape, extrajudicial executions and raid a mosque, killing 21 people, seven of whom have their throats slit.

2009: Human rights situation further deteriorated! New laws on civil society are “the most restrictive of any comparable law in the world,” according to Human Rights Watch.
2010: Newspapers are closed, editors flee in fear! Ruling party wins parliamentary elections with 99.6 % of the vote. Can one even speak of free elections here? 2011: Amnesty International delegation is expelled from Ethiopia! 2012:

Even after the death of the ruler Meles, who led the Ethiopian regime from 1995 to 2012 and also appointed Tedros as minister, the human rights situation in Ethiopia did not improve at all.
2013: The Africa Report notes that Tedros rose to become one of the three most influential politicians in the TPLF after Meles’ death.
2014: The government regularly monitors telephone calls. Up to 1.5 million rural villagers are to be forcibly relocated under the pretext of improving basic services.

2015: Amnesty International reports the most severe forms of torture in local police stations and regional prisons, such as burns and electric shocks.
2016: Human Rights Watch reports that Ethiopian security forces killed more than 500 largely peaceful protesters in Oromia and Amhara regions. Ethiopia’s current Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, who was awarded the 2019 Nobel Peace Prize, confirmed the reports of Human Rights Watch and Amnesty before the Ethiopian parliament after the peaceful transition of power in 2018.

He described the actions of his predecessor government as terrorism. According to a report by British news portal “The Expose”, the TPLF, which ruled from 1991 to 2018, was “one of the most corrupt, brutal and genocidal regimes to set foot on the planet in the last 30 years.” Tedros was complicit as a leading member of this regime! Focus online reports that David Steinmann, an American economist nominated for the 2019 Nobel Peace Prize, filed a complaint against Tedros at the International Criminal Court in The Hague in late 2020.

He accused him of genocide in Ethiopia because Tedros was one of three key decision-makers for “ethnic cleansing.” Tedros was thus responsible for countless detentions, torture, and killings of Amharas, Konsos, Oromos, and of Somali tribes. In summary, the British news portal The Expose states about the Tedros regime in Ethiopia: “The TPLF government committed […] countless massacres. Dr. Tedros was an integral part of the TPLF, which maintained its power by slaughtering anyone who dared challenge its oppressive tactics.” According to the Australian news magazine The Spectator, Tedros never publicly objected to or even apologized for the documented atrocities.

Rather, after taking office as head of WHO, Tedros appointed Robert Mugabe, then president of Zimbabwe, of all people, as a goodwill ambassador for WHO. Mugabe has also committed serious human rights violations. This shows that Tedros seems to have no sense of wrongdoing even when faced with the most serious human rights violations. He therefore had to immediately revoke Mugabe’s appointment after strong international protests. CONCLUSION: The most brutal crimes against the civilian population during his time as minister in charge bring his unscrupulousness to light and make him intolerable!

File 3: Crime as Minister of Health
Of all things, the current head of the WHO is being severely reproached for his handling of epidemics. During his tenure as Ethiopia’s health minister, he is said to have ignored cholera outbreaks several times in 2006, 2009 and 2011. Tedros allegedly pressured local health workers to refer to cholera, which had already been confirmed, as “watery diarrhea.”

Leaked emails revealed that he was more concerned about the damage to the Ethiopian economy than the people who were dying in droves at the time. U.S. health law professor Larry Gostin commented to the New York Times, “Dr. Tedros […] had a duty to tell the truth to those in power and to honestly identify and report proven cholera outbreaks over an extended period of time.”

According to an open letter from renowned U.S. physicians, Tedros again covered up a cholera epidemic in Sudan in 2017 while already serving as WHO Director-General! The doctors wrote: “Your failure to bring stool samples from victims in Sudan to Geneva for official confirmation of cholera makes you an accomplice in the terrible suffering and deaths […]. Every day, new reports confirm that this is indeed a cholera epidemic.”

According to British news portal The Expose, Tedros not only covered up cholera epidemics, he was also complicit in the genocidal blockade of food and medicine to the Somali people in the Ogaden for years as the minister in charge of health. He was involved in driving the Red Cross and Doctors Without Borders out of the Ogaden during a series of cholera outbreaks, thereby causing the deaths of countless people during a series of historic famines and epidemics. Furthermore, the Ministry of Health, which he headed, allegedly conducted mass sterilization campaigns for population control against the Amharas ethnic group. This involved the use of vaccines that made women infertile.

CONCLUSION: Numerous covered-up cholera epidemics and the blocking of aid deliveries for certain ethnic tribes also disqualify Tedros as Minister of Health!

File 4: The Tedros connections
Countless independent reporters therefore come to the following conclusion: Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus should never have been elected Director General of WHO! He should have been charged with crimes against the Ethiopian people! He has proven himself to be a terrorist and a criminal! But how was it possible that he, nevertheless, got elected Head of WHO? Very remarkably, Wikipedia talks about how Tedros was very busy making connections with international figures during his time as Ethiopia’s Minister of Health. Here are some examples: 

Ex-US President Bill Clinton
He quickly met with Clinton in person, both at the beginning of his ministerial term and as WHO Secretary-General. The latter described Tedros as “one of the most capable public servants I have ever worked with.” Tedros was an invited speaker at the Clinton Global Initiative’s annual meeting in 2015. Tedros, in turn, helped the Clinton Foundation receive a $100 million donation from a very shady Swedish-Canadian mining company that also did business with African dictators and Marxist rebels, mining mineral resources in violation of human rights.

Bill Gates
Tedros repeatedly made public posts of personal meetings with Gates. Tedros took on senior positions in organizations, such as the Global Fund or the Gavi Foundation, that are very close to Gates. Gates was his great mentor and was very supportive of Tedros’ candidacy for head of WHO. This raises the question of how independent Tedros really is vis-à-vis WHO’s second-largest donor. Gates is said to have influenced, for example, the cancellation of the WHO recommendation not to vaccinate children against Corona.

Ex-US President Barack Obama
Through his good relationship with former U.S. President Obama, Tedros managed to get the U.S. to designate Ethiopia as one of the U.S. Global Health Initiative Plus countries in 2010, giving the country major funding for public health projects, many of which, according to analysts, seeped away into other dark channels.

Klaus Schwab
A tweet from Tedros shows him with WEF founder Klaus Schwab, assuring him of closer cooperation with the WEF. Is this in return for supporting his candidacy to be head of WHO? In any case, this connection is questionable, since Klaus Schwab is the main mastermind of the Great Reset and his goal is nobody should own anything anymore. Tedros’ close ties to the communist and totalitarian regime in China are also obvious.

China became Ethiopia’s largest donor under Tedros, where donations soared from $345,000 in the year 2000 to $44 million in 2017 – ostensibly for food and refugee programs. China as well has become Ethiopia’s main arms supplier and largest trading partner through the Tedros Connections. Ethiopia today is therefore referred to as East Africa’s “Little China” because it is massively influenced by China.

Through these numerous connections, Tedros tapped into very lucrative sources of money right at the very beginning of his rise, so that vast sums of money flowed into Ethiopia that would have led to great prosperity for all of Ethiopia. However, many reports confirm the misuse of these funds by the government – for example, Zeit online reported in October 2010 that development aid funds were used to suppress government critics. A report released in 2011 by Global Financial Intelligence* (GFI) found that the total amount of $3.26 billion left Ethiopia illegally in 2009.

This is a doubling compared to previous years. The amount far exceeds Ethiopia’s total exports of about $2 billion. The report cites exploding corruption in the government, military and financial sectors as the main reasons. Since the government is explicitly mentioned first, there is a strong suspicion that

Tedros has also been massively involved in corruption and embezzlement. Don’t you think that these interconnections conclusively answer the question of how could it be that Tedros was elected Director-General of the WHO despite his obviously extremely questionable past? Did the aforementioned powerful global strategists perhaps support his candidacy precisely for this reason?

Because through his involvement in the most serious crimes, these masterminds in the background can exert their influence without restraint. However, this also shows impressively that these have no scruples promoting even the worst criminals to the highest offices.

CONCLUSION: Global strategists, closely intertwined with Tedros, had him the head of WHO!

File 5: Via health dictatorship towards world domination
During the Corona crisis, Tedros massively restricted the freedom of almost all people with his pandemic guidelines. Largely unnoticed by the public, Tedros and his masterminds in the background are planning the next coup: The massive expansion of his power over all 194 member states of WHO – and therefore over almost the entire world! He wants to achieve this goal through two measures which would have serious consequences for all of humanity:

The WHO Pandemic Treaty
The WHO pandemic treaty should be available in its final version by May 2024 for the 77th World Health Assembly and must then be ratified by 194 member states.
This treaty would make the WHO, with its Director General, Tedros, the absolute leader in international health policy. Tedros then would be able to enact new far-reaching regulations by creating new bodies of non-democratically elected members, without further approval of national parliaments. He then would be able to massively censor unpopular information as so-called “disinformation”!

The amendment of the International Health Regulations The previously advisory WHO is to become the legally binding global governing body. In short: Recommendations will become orders! The text referring to human rights and fundamental freedoms that must be taken into consideration is to be deleted! Tedros would then be able to declare a worldwide health emergency in case of an impending potential danger and thereby for example, make medication compulsory for treatment, issue compulsory vaccination, introduce mandatory test certificates or also impose travel restrictions. All member states would have to implement these measures. Further information can be found in the broadcasts on the screen.

The change of the International Health Regulations is done without any legitimacy from the people. What the non-democratically elected delegates will decide at the 77th World Health Conference in May 2024 will automatically become international law after a period of 10 months. Only a clear, timely objection can save you from this trap. The two mentioned plans of Tedros must clearly be labeled “enabling acts”. According to Wikipedia, Richard Horton, the editor-in-chief of the renowned medical journal The Lancet gave Tedros the title of “Dictator General”.

Tedros already proved to be as such on July 23, 2022: He arbitrarily declared the outbreak of monkeypox to be a public health emergency of international scope, although nine out of 15 experts had voted against it. In likewise dictatorial fashion, Tedros would be able to enact regulations based on his “enabling laws” that would far eclipse the massive Corona restrictions on freedom.

The covertly planned, massive expansion of power of the WHO Director-General is designed to give powers to one man, making him the most powerful man in the world. The severe criminal and terrorist past of this man, revealed in this documentary, in combination with this planned abundance of power, will inevitably lead to an enslavement of the people! International Wake-Up Call to people of all nations!

The international community of nations, so to speak, all people of this earth, stand now at a crossroads! The enslavement of peoples is so insidiously engineered that the amendments of the International Health Regulations will automatically come into force unless they are not expressly opposed! Everyone who is silent automatically agrees! Can we allow this disreputable man to have such powers?


The Tedros File – Will the Head of the WHO Become the Most Powerful Man in the World?
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